Tips For Termite Infestation Issues

When it comes to household pest threats, few are as dangerous and destructive as termites. If you're struggling with termite issues, or you are concerned about the potential presence of termites on your property, you need to work with a termite control specialist. Here's what you need to know about addressing termite infestation effectively and efficiently.

The Infestation Must Be Evaluated

In order to determine the most effective means of treatment, you'll need to have a pest control contractor evaluate the infestation to determine its severity. The more severe the infestation, the more significant the measures required to get rid of these pests are. 

For example, if your home is termite-free right now, your pest control contractor can simply treat the soil around the perimeter of your home with a pesticide that will deter termites from taking up residence in your home. 

If, on the other hand, you have a mild termite infestation already, your pest control contractor might be able to treat the area with baits that will help to kill the existing termites. However, if your home already has a serious termite infestation, your pest control contractor may suggest that you tent the home to address the problem.

You Must Prepare Properly

Tenting your house is a significant process. It involves sealing the entire home and then treating it with an airborne pesticide. You'll have to make sure that you prepare your home properly, though. Your pest control contractor will give you some guidelines, but there are some standard steps you'll need to take.

For example, before the treatment, you need to pack up, seal, and remove all food items. This applies to human and animal food, so don't overlook your pet foods as well. You'll also have to plan for having your pets out of the house while the treatment is happening and until you're given the clearance to go back in. Finally, you'll also want to remove your plants and any medications in the house. 

You Can't Return Without Clearance

Going back into your home without the clearance from your pest control company is unsafe. Remember that your pest control company will vent the house and test the air quality for residual pesticides before they give you the clearance to go back in. That way, you know that your home is safe when they tell you it's okay to go in.

Talk with a termite control contractor in your area like Sani Products Pest Control about your infestation concerns.