Pets And Pests? This Is Why You Should Hire A Professional Pest Controller

If you have pets and you have pests, you should know right off the bat that the two don't mix well. It's ideal for your home to be pest-free, but unfortunately, there can be some problems getting there that could be an issue for your pets. Here's what you need to know about this situation and how you can keep your pets safe while also keeping your home pest-free.

Danger of Poisons

One of the first things that people reach for when they have a pest invasion, whether it's something as simple as ants or as big a deal as rodents, is poison. These poisons are very effective at killing and repelling pests, but they're also a huge danger for pets to be around.

Pets can come into contact with poison either by encounter it directly in your home or by accidentally consuming a pest that's been poisoned. While more common when a pet does something like eats a rodent that's been poisoned, it's not impossible for even poisoned ants to make your cat or dog sick. This is especially a problem when ants become resistant to ant poison and continue to survive to do things like crawling into your pet's food bowl to steal food. Your cat or dog could potentially eat them at this point by accident, while just trying to innocently eat their own food.

Keeping it Outside

The best way to avoid this problem entirely is to hire a pest control expert that can keep the poison from ever coming into contact with your pet.

The best way to do this is by having ant pest control services work on the outside of your home rather than the inside. This is often the case with many pest experts anyway, as it helps to keep pests from moving into your home and cuts off the ones inside so that they die off.

Hiring a pest expert to come out on a regular basis to spray the outside of your home and any cracks in your walls or foundation will greatly improve your pest problems all while keeping your pets safe.

Dealing with invading pests might have you reaching for the poison first and foremost, but try to think about the safety of your pets instead. Hire a professional and rest easy knowing that your pest problem is about to become a thing of the past without causing any harm or damage to your pets.