Ready For Spring And The Bugs That Come With It? Do These Things Now

With much of the nation now firmly in winter's grasp, snow and freezing temperatures may make it difficult to look ahead to spring. But spring will eventually come and when it does, it will invariably be followed by the pests that target many homes and lawns each year. 

If your home is one of the ones that see frequent invasions of ants, flies, and other varieties of seasonal pests, here are some steps you can take now to mount a strong defense. 

Patch screens and seal openings

Winter weather creates the perfect opportunity to attend to some of those small chores that are difficult to find time for when warm weather allows for more outings and family activities. Homeowners can use this period of extra downtime to remove and mend damaged window screens. 

Once the screens are repaired and ready to put back up, homeowners can continue the work of protecting their home from springtime pest activity by: 

  • Checking to make sure that openings around dryer vents, pipes, and incoming wires are securely caulked or sealed with spray foam
  • Adding a protective piece of screen wire to the interior of attic vents and openings to thwart bugs and rodents
  • Checking for drafts around windows and applying a good all-weather caulking material as needed to seal any openings 

Winter is also the perfect time to make sure that exterior doors are fitted with tight-fitting weather stripping and door seals that will prevent both pests and drafts from entering the home. 

Learn how to make your home less attractive to ants 

Another pest-prevention task that homeowners can accomplish during a long, cold winter is to plan ahead to make their home less attractive to ants. Too many homeowners have grown accustomed to seeing a trail of ants on windowsills or sinks each spring. 

Since ants tend to congregate and infiltrate in areas where they can find the nourishment and water they need to thrive, removing these attractants is the first step in repelling them.

Homeowners who have previously been targeted by ants can use the winter season to determine where ants are finding food sources in their home and find ways to remedy them. For example, if sticky crumbs on the counter or spilled pet food is where ants are often spotted, taking time to tidy those spaces can be helpful in dissuading ant activity. 

Winter is also the perfect time for homeowners to meet with exterminator services to devise and implement a plan to keep their home bug-free all year long.