Winter Pests Destroying Your Lawn? 4 Steps To Help You Control The Problem

Winter is here. You might think that your lawn is protected since it's gone dormant for the season. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Your lawn may not be growing right now, but it's still at risk for pest infestations. Unfortunately, winter pest infestations can destroy your lawn. Here are four simple steps you can take to stop winter pests from destroying your lawn. 

Clear Away the Leaves That Fall

If you left the leaves and thatch in place as a way to protect your lawn this winter, you need to remove it as soon as possible. The leaves and thatch can actually kill your lawn and invite a number of pests. With all that protective covering, you won't be able to see the ants and other pests that are eating away at your lawn. To avoid that risk, clear away the remaining thatch and remove any leaves that fall. 

Watch for Signs of Mole Activity

If moles were a problem last year, chances are good that they'll be a problem this year, as well. Unfortunately, moles have a habit of destroying your lawn from the below the surface. That's because they travel through tunnels that they burrow through your yard. As they burrow, they destroy the root system of your once-lush lawn. One way to watch for moles is to pay attention to any new holes that develop in your yard. Once you see the holes, start watching for areas where the soil may be collapsing in your lawn. As soon as you see signs of mole activity in your lawn, you need to call for pest control services. 

Freeze Out the Grubs

If you've discovered grubs in your lawn, you need to take immediate action. Grubs are notorious for destroying lawns. Once grubs have invaded your lawn, they'll continue eating until they've destroyed your yard. Luckily, grubs don't like the cold weather, which is why they hide under your lawn during the winter. You can freeze them out by aerating your lawn. The aeration will allow the soil to take on some of the winter freeze, which will kill the grubs. 

Invite the Birds

Finally, if you want to protect your lawn from winter pests, invite the neighborhood birds into your yard. The birds that find a safe harbor in your yard during the winter will eat any bugs that they find in your lawn. Just be sure to take care when placing your bird feeders. You don't want the squirrels and raccoons to lay claim to your yard. 

If pests are destroying your lawn this winter, use the information provided here to put an end to the destruction. For additional help getting winter pests under control, be sure to contact a pest control that offers lawn treatment services