What Should Commercial Property Owners Know About Pigeon Control?

If you're a commercial building owner who is tired of the mess, damage, hassle pigeons, and other pest birds are costing your business, you may be wondering what you can do to rid your property of these birds once and for all. You may be reluctant to use poison or other lethal options because of the potential negative effects on other wildlife and even local pets. Fortunately, there are a number of humane options that are safe, effective, and relatively inexpensive. Read on to learn more about your non-lethal pigeon and pest bird control options.

Ultrasonic Sounds and Audio Deterrents

Like many animals, birds have far more sensitive hearing than humans. This trait makes ultrasonic sounds an effective repellent. Much like dog whistles, ultrasonic bird repellents emit sounds that are incredibly irritating to birds but that are silent or almost silent to humans. By placing an ultrasonic sound machine in an area where birds tend to congregate, you can quickly send them to quieter, more peaceful destinations.

Pigeons may also be deterred from settling or roosting in a certain area by the sound of other, larger birds—something as simple as an amplified hawk or eagle cry can send birds running for cover elsewhere. Although it's easy enough to set up an audio deterrent on a DIY basis, for maximum effectiveness, you may want to contact a pest eradication professional.

Physical Bird Barriers 

Pigeons can't roost where they can't land, which means that netting, spikes, and other physical impediments can make it impossible for them to settle in or on your building. Bird nets can be ideal for buildings with multiple roof lines, while bird spikes or physical barriers are effective on flat buildings with lots of nesting space. Installing these elements can quickly protect your building from bird-related damage.

Pigeon Birth Control

One of the main reasons pigeons can become a problem so quickly is their breeding schedule. Pigeons can lay eggs several times a year, which means that a small colony of just a few pigeons can grow into a colony of hundreds over just a couple of years. By putting out food for pigeons that includes what is essentially "bird birth control," you can slow the rate of population growth significantly. Because wild pigeons have short lifespans of just a few years, missing just a couple of reproductive cycles can quickly sound the (natural) death knell for colonies of pigeons who are particularly attached to your building. 

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