Three Ways To Protect Yourself From Mosquitos

Summer means backyard barbecues, pool time, and outside fun. Unfortunately, it also means mosquitos in many regions in the United States. Some people are more prone to mosquito bites than others, and the skin reaction to a bite can range from unbothered to a severe allergic reaction. In some cases, mosquitos can carry diseases that cause bigger issues. You will enjoy your time outside much more if you know how to prevent and protect from these pests. Here are three ways you can protect yourself from mosquitos.

1. Sprays and Lotions

Purchase mosquito spray to apply to your skin before you plan to go outside. Products with DEET deter these pests because DEET changes the way your skin tastes to them. There are other more natural products that rely on natural repellants with essential oils to repel. Lemongrass, tea tree, and cinnamon are natural scents mosquitos do not like. Do your research on the ingredients in sprays and lotions to see which feels like the best fit for you. 

2. Professional Pest Control

One of the best ways to protect your outdoor spaces from mosquitos is to hire professional pest control. Most pest control companies will offer spraying services that use large amounts of spray in the surrounding area. The spray they use kills all adult mosquitoes on contact and works to help control the mosquito population instead of just protecting your skin. The fog-like spray will go airborne, but it is also applied to areas like bushes or ground cover where mosquitos like to hide. 

3. Zappers

If you like to entertain after dark, you don't want your guests constantly slapping these bugs off their skin. You can purchase a mosquito zapping light to help deter mosquitos from your guests and draw them to a light source. These contraptions use UV lights to attract the bugs and then electrocute them instantly on contact. Having an incentive to lure them away from human skin is a great way to avoid bites. Homeowners like this option because it doesn't use heavy scents or chemicals to control mosquitos. You might need to purchase several zappers depending on how large your entertaining area is.

These three mosquito control methods will help you enjoy your time outdoors without all the itching! Try these methods out to see which one works best for you, and avoid stagnant water in the yard to avoid luring mosquito breeding in your yard. You can also contact a company like Mosquito Mania to learn about other options.