Pest Control Treatments That Help Get Rid Of Ants

Summer usually brings an increase in ants. When ants are abundant in your yard, it's often just a matter of time until they find their way inside your house. Some ants may even live inside your home and cause destruction to wood and food. Ants can even bite or sting. They're an annoyance to your pets and family. 

Getting rid of ants is challenging since you might kill all you see in the house, yet ants keep marching back inside. A pest control professional can eliminate an ant infestation in your home with your help. Here's how.

Apply Treatments To The Outside Of Your House

The pest control company may focus on treating the exterior of your home. This might involve using liquid insecticide along the foundation of your house and around window frames and other places ants can get inside. This kills ants as they try to enter your home.

You can help this effort by controlling food odors that attract ants while they're out hunting for food. Wet pet food has a strong odor that could draw ants. Kitchen trash cans and food left on the counter could also cause ants to invade your kitchen. It doesn't take a lot of food to entice ants. Even crumbs left behind could be enough to bring ants inside your house.

Use Ant Baits To Target The Nest

Your pest control company may want to target the nest so ants are killed off at the source. This involves using bait the ants pick up and carry back to the nest that then kills off the ants that contact it. The exterminator needs to choose bait that works well with the type of ants you have since different types of ants have different preferences in food.

If your exterminator puts ant bait in or near your home, you'll need to be careful about repelling ants to keep them away from the bait. Rather than repelling or killing ants you see in your home, you need to let them get the bait and leave so the bait makes it back to the ant colony.

Find And Eliminate Indoor Ants

Carpenter ants live in your home in damp wood. They burrow into the wood and cause similar damage as termites. Your exterminator may examine your home inside and out to look for signs of ant damage to determine if the inside of your home needs to be treated. If so, the pest control company may apply treatments to the wood in your house where the ants are active or use bait.

Individual colonies of ants can be targeted outside as well. The exterminator may search your yard for anthills and other nesting places so they can be treated with liquid pesticide individually.

Contact a local pest control service for more information.