How To Tell If Rodents Or Termites Are Infesting A Building

Termites and rodents can do extensive damage to structures. If you have a home or business that seems like it's infested, dealing with the problem quickly is critical. You will need to determine if the issue calls for rodent or termite treatment services, though. Here is how you can look for potential signs of infestations involving rodents or termites.


One of the most evident signs of an infestation is sawdust. Unfortunately, the mere presence of sawdust doesn't tell you what type of creature is producing it. Gnawing mice can produce sawdust, as can boring termites. Other creatures like bees and ants also produce sawdust through their activities so it's far from a conclusive diagnosis of the source of the problem.


Mice leave behind pellet-like droppings. While some other rodents also leave droppings, squirrels and chipmunks rarely enter spaces where humans might see what these critters have left behind. If you see little ball-shaped dropping, especially along the walls or near cracks, there's a good chance of a mouse infestation in the building.

Bore Holes

Termites tend to bore into the wood of a structure. The activity tends to leave behind small holes in the wood. If you see holes that are about the size of the tip of a pen, your location will likely require some kind of pest control services. There are some other bugs that might do the same sort of damage so ask a termite treatment services provider to check out the evidence.


Rodents of all kinds tend to make noises, especially at night when they don't feel threatened by people or animals moving around. If you hear something moving around in the walls, the odds are high that some kind of rodent is present. If you hear the sound of things rolling, you're probably dealing with a squirrel who's building a nut cache. You may also hear scratching sounds from rodents working their way into the walls by clawing or chewing. Rodent treatment is likely necessary, especially if traps have failed.

Crumbling Wood

Termites will relentlessly bore through wood until the whole structure fails. You might see a wood pile degrading near your home. Also, you could see splinters where the wood has fallen off a house or garage.

Upset Animals

Cats and dogs don't like the presence of bugs or rodents. If you have a pet who seems endlessly upset, curious, or excited about a specific spot in a home, it might be onto something. There could be an infestation, and the animal with its better hearing and smell can tell before you might.

For more information on rodent treatment, contact a professional near you.