3 Important Reasons To Have Weed Control Treatments

Weed control for your lawn is important for a few reasons. You can hire a weed control company to apply herbicides at various times of the year to keep weeds under control. Some herbicides work by killing weeds once they're growing in your yard, and others work by keeping weeds from sprouting. If you're not sure when to apply herbicide, what type to use, or how to apply it, then let a lawn service handle the job for you. Here's why weed control is important for your lawn.

1. Weeds Make Your Yard Look Neglected

Weeds grow at different rates and to different heights than grass. This gives your lawn an uneven, scraggly look. Plus, weeds have different shapes, and some even produce flowers. You can't hide weeds, since they're obvious and they detract from the beauty of your lawn. If you want thick, lush grass, the weeds need to be eliminated. Once the grass is thick and established, it helps crowd out weeds so weeds are easier to control. If you want a lawn that makes you proud of your property, weed control is essential.

2. Weeds Attract Pests

While you may hate a lawn full of weeds, pests love it. Weeds make shade for pests like mosquitoes and fleas to hide in. Pests often avoid grass that is cut properly and in the full sun since it's hot and shade can't be found. The closer weeds grow to your house, the easier it is for pests to get inside. Some pests don't bother your home, but they destroy your grass instead. Weeds that produce flowers attract stinging insects, and weeds can even attract animal pests that like to eat them. Weed control is an important step in pest control to protect your grass, keep bugs out of your home, and let you enjoy your yard without being bothered by so many bugs.

3. Weeds Kill Off Grass

When weeds get established, they are harder to get rid of and do more damage. Your grass has to compete with them for water and nutrients from the soil. Some weeds grow fast, and they can overpower grass and cause the grass to die off and pull back. When space opens up, weeds fill it in and weeds can slowly take over your yard. This is why early-season pre-emergent treatments are helpful. If your grass gets off to a healthy start and you keep it healthy, it can fight off weeds and maintain control of your yard, so your yard is full of lush grass with very few weeds to be seen.

For more information on weed control, contact a professional near you.