Rats Having Out In Your Garage For The Winter? How To Humanely Get Them Out

Rats do okay during the winter months but if the temperatures get well below freezing, they will move into a shelter. Some rats have burrows in the ground that they use to stay warm. Other rats may not have a burrow, however, and will look for shelter. If you have a garage that you are seeing rats in and it is very cold outside, then this is the reason. Rats are always looking for water and food sources. Below are some ways you can humanely get the rats out of the garage.

Set Up Catch and Release Traps

One of the best ways to get rats out of your garage is to set a trap. Instead of a snap trap, which will break the rats' neck, there are traps that are known as catch and release.

A catch and release trap have a small box like compartment or a cage. A treat is placed inside the trap that will attract the rats. Once they enter the trap a door will shut immediately to trap them. You can then take the trap to an area and release the rats. Make sure you release them away from your home, as well as other homes in your area.

Rats will eat just about anything but do like some foods much than others. For example, you can place small vegetables, cooked rice, raw oats, or types of cereals in the trap to attract the rats.

Contact A Pest Control Company

If you have a lot of rats in your garage, you should contact a pest control company. They can kill the rats if you do not mind, but the pest control company can also catch the rats and take them to another area. A pest control company also uses catch and release traps, but these traps are much better than traps you can purchase.

The pest control company will strategically place the traps in different areas, such as close to the walls, in corner the rats can hide in, and more.

The pest control company can also give you many tips on how to prevent the rats from coming back again. For example, the pest control contractor can help you seal up holes that may be in your garage that you may not be aware of. A rat can get in through a very small crack or hole. The pest control company can also tell you how to organize your garage, such as putting all boxes up off the floor, put trash in sealed garbage containers, etc.

The rodent pest control company that you hire may be able to give you more information to help prevent rats from coming back into your garage.