Got A Lot Of Mosquitoes? 2 Tips To Get These Itchy Insects Away From You

Mosquitoes give you itchy bites, and they are also very dangerous to have around you. The most dangerous disease these insects can cause is malaria. Malaria is not common in the United States, but there are still reported cases. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to get these itchy insects away from you and your home, two of which are listed below.

Get Rid Of Breeding Areas

If you have any area close to your home that has standing water, you need to take steps to get rid of the water. This is because female mosquitoes require water in order to lay their eggs. Once the eggs hatch, larvae develop, and then the larvae turn into a mosquito in only a few days. Each female mosquito can lay hundreds of eggs, which means you will constantly get them if you do not stop standing water. You may have standing water in old tires, holes in the ground, or clogged rain gutters. Discarded containers around the home can also have standing water.

If you use something like a bird bath and want to keep this, you need to remove the water and fill it back up at least once a week.

Contact a Pest Control Company

If you are still seeing a lot of mosquitoes, you should contact a pest control company to help you. The pest control contractor will walk around your property to determine where mosquitoes are coming from. Once they find it, you can then take measures to take care of it.

The pest control company will also have chemicals that they will spray outside your home. This will immediately kill the mosquitoes and the larvae that you currently have. The pest control contractor may have to return to your property more than once to help get rid of mosquitoes.

The pest control company can also install devices around your home that help keep mosquitoes away. For example, these devices emit a sound and a smell that mosquitoes do not like. You would have to use a lot of these devices if you see mosquitoes all the way around your home.

The technician from the pest control company may also suggest mosquito repellent that you can spray on exposed skin while you are outside to help prevent bites.

There is no way to completely get rid of mosquitoes, but these tips for mosquito prevention should help cut down on a lot of these itchy insects.