Finding Drywood Termites On Your Carport? Have Your Home Checked Soon

If you spot drywood termites on your carport, you might need to worry about checking your home or garage. If your carport sits in close proximity to your house or garage, these places might have termites in them as well. Learn how to spot termites inside your residence and why it's important to have someone inspect and treat your home now.

What Exactly Should You Look For?

Although it isn't always possible to spot termites inside the home, there are some specific things you can look for that indicate their presence. Once termites emerge from their hiding places in your house, the insects look for items that create or emit light, including lamps and windows. Termites that land near lighted surfaces or objects will generally release or lose their wings. The first things you should look for are wings.

If you spot small piles of wings around your lights and windows, take a moment to inspect the area. If you see worm-like creatures crawling around the lighted areas, it may be a sign that termites have taken over your home. 

Now, it's time to call a residential termite contractor help. 

How Do You Treat Your Carport and House?

A contractor, or pest control agent, will need to inspect the wooden areas around your house. Termites can hide in the joists in your floors and attic. The pests may also show up behind your sink cabinets, in your laundry room, and inside your basement or crawl space. A contractor may also venture outdoors and inspect your carport. 

If a contractor finds tiny holes or weak pieces of wood inside and outside your house, they'll recommend the appropriate solution to treat the termites. You may have several solutions you can choose from, including tenting. Termite tenting requires pest control to encase your carport, house, and garage with a tarp. Pest control will then place a fumigation chemical inside the structures. The chemical generally takes a couple of days to treat your property. 

If you don't like the concept of tenting your home, a contractor may apply a treatment directly to the wood in your house, garage, and carport. The time required to destroy the insects may vary. You may want to ask a contractor more about the wood treatment process before they begin.

Don't wait until the drywood termites in your carport invade your house and garage. Contact a residential termite treatment contractor today for more information.