Signs Of Mice: It's Time To Call Pest Control Services

If you have signs of a mice infestation in your home, you need to get help from a pest control company quickly because the problem is already beyond what you can do by yourself. While you might be able to trap a few mice and remove them from your home, by the time you notice you have mice, you probably have way more mice than you would expect. Mice breed rapidly, and a female mouse is ready to begin reproducing by the time she is 6 weeks old. An average litter of mice has 6 to 8 babies, but a female mouse can give birth to 12 or more at a time.

Signs You Have Mice in the Home

When you have an indoor cat and they start bringing you dead mice treats, there are mice in your home. If the presents come on a consistent basis, you probably have a mice infestation. While your cat might find a stray mouse or two, consistently bringing you mice means there is a source in your home that your cat has discovered. You might also notice mouse droppings on kitchen counters, in your bathroom, or within cupboards where there is a food source. Bits of fur may be found, and if a dead mouse is in your wall, there's no mistaking the odor it gives off.

Removing Mice From Your Home

Mice have a gestational period of 19 - 21 days. This means that you are going to continually have new baby mice in your home when you don't remove the ones that are already there. Your pest control services will look around your home and the perimeter carefully to figure out where mice could be coming into your home. Closing up entry to your home will only help once you take care of the infestation that is already there. Your pest control services may use bait for the mice to bring back to their nest, and work to trap the mice within your home.

Controlling Your Mouse Population

Once you have mice removed from your home, preventative care of your home can help. Your pest control services may suggest repairs to your home that reduce entry points, and encourage you to pay attention to cracks that form. You will want to continually clean cupboards and take care of any pipes that leak. When you remove food and water sources, your home is less attractive to a mouse population.