Hiring Professional Lawn Care Services For Lawn Treatment

Lawns in any home serve a crucial landscaping and aesthetic function. However, the National Association for Landscape Professionals indicates that many Americans lack proper lawn care and maintenance knowledge despite a home lawn's importance. From the test sample size, 64 percent of Americans think all grass must be fertilized every spring, 57 percent believe that all lawns must be green to stay healthy, and 32 percent admit not knowing how often to water their lawns.

Given the numerous benefits of maintaining and caring for home lawns, homeowners should hire professional lawn care services for lawn treatment. Lawn treatment entails fertilization, pest and weed control, and fungus treatment to ensure lawns grow healthy without diseases. Below are the advantages of hiring professionals for reliable lawn treatment services.

Treating Your Lawn's Soil

Growing a beautiful, healthy lawn requires healthy and nutritious soil. Usually, soil fertility declines because of soil erosion, leeching, and excessive usage, which drains the soil's fertilizer. While some soils are healthy and require no further intervention, some require additives like fertilizers to ensure ideal growth conditions. Fertilizer treatment adds nutrients to the soil for the lawn grass to draw and use in its growth. However, homeowners should first consult professionals before engaging in lawn treatment using fertilizers. Professionals assist homeowners in selecting the correct type and quantity of fertilizer to apply during lawn treatment for good growth. 

Effective Pest and Weed Control

Weeds compete for water and nutrients with the grass, preventing the lawn from getting adequate nourishment. Moreover, pests take advantage of growing grass. They make homes on the blades of leaves and gnaw at the stems and roots, causing stunted growth and withering.  Lawn treatment is vital for weed and pest control. Weed control entails using pre-emergent herbicides meant to prevent the growth of weeds before they start, while post-emergent herbicides eradicate weeds present in the lawn. Homeowners need to select the appropriate herbicide to combat weeds that have emerged and mitigate future weed growth. Thus, hiring professional lawn care services for efficient lawn treatment curbs pests and weeds, a great deterrent to healthy lawn growth.

Lawn Disease Treatment

Typically, poor lawn care and maintenance practices lead to lawn diseases. Poor lawn maintenance practices that cause disease include overwatering, poor mowing, incorrect fertilizer application, temperature, and humidity. Diseases like the brown patch fungus are typical in poorly maintained lawns, leaving patches all over the lawn. A healthy lawn should have consistent and healthy grass all through the lawn without patches. Thus, homeowners that suspect their lawns are diseased should hire professional lawn care services for reliable lawn treatment services.