How To Get Skunks To Leave Your Property Alone

If you are tired of your house getting constantly sprayed, you more than likely have a skunk that is living on or near your property. If you want to enjoy a skunk-free home, there are a variety of methods you can try.

Use An Ultrasonic Repellent Device

An ultrasonic repellent device looks like a little stack that you put into the ground with a small solar panel on the top. An ultrasonic repellent device works by emitting a sound at a high frequency that people can't hear, but that animal can hear. For a skunk, the sound will be unbearable, and this will help keep them away. This type of device can work at repelling other unwanted animals away from your property as well.

Use Repellent Granules

Skunks not only spray, but they also like to dig for grubs, leaking little holes in their wake. If you just want to keep the skunks away from your garden or away from your yard, you can put down skunk repellent granules. These granules are solid and will mix in with your soil, and will not visually stand out. However, they have a smell that skunks find unpleasant, and when they smell it, they will get out of the area instead of having to smell something that they don't enjoy.

Add Lights

Skunks move around the most during the evening hours, and they don't enjoy the light. If you don't want to have skunks on your property, you can add motion-detected lights around outside and add some solar panel lights that will shine all night long. Eliminating dark places around your home will provide the skunks with fewer places to hang out in the dark.

Trap Them

If you don't just want to scare them away, and you want to ensure that the skunks are really gone, you can hire a pest control service to come and trap them. They will set up humane traps with bait and leave them for a few days. If a skunk gets caught, just give the pest control company a call, and they will come out and remove the skunk from your property, rehoming it far away from your home. This is the best route to go down if you want to ensure that the skunks stop spraying your property.

If you have skunks you want to get rid of, you can try to mark your territory with ultrasonic repellant devices, lights, and repellent granules. You can also have a pest control company come to your property, trap, and remove the skunks to a new location. Skunk removal services will ensure that your problem is solved. For more information, contact a local removal company, like Elite Wildlife Control.