How A Squirrel Removal Professional Can Get Rid Of Squirrels Living In Your Attic

Squirrels are one of the most common forms of urban wildlife that can also turn into problems for your home. If you feed squirrels in your backyard, they can sometimes get aggressive and lose their fear of you and your property. When you have a lot of squirrels in your trees, it may be a matter of time until they become interested in your roof and attic.

Squirrels can chew through your roof and tear up your attic as they gnaw constantly and make nests for their young. Squirrels can ruin your insulation and gnaw on wiring until it becomes hazardous. It's important to get rid of squirrels before they do a lot of damage. Here's how a squirrel removal company might get rid of the pests.

Set Up Live Traps

A squirrel removal company might set up live traps in your house to capture squirrels living in your attic. They'll probably catch squirrels alive when possible so they can be relocated rather than killed. Baby squirrels may need to be captured by hand and taken to an animal rehabilitation center if they can't be reunited with their mother.

Install One-Way Exits Temporarily

Once the animal control professional thinks they have captured all of the squirrels, they may install one-way exits in the entry holes made by the squirrels. These exits allow squirrels to leave the attic, but they can't get back inside. This ensures no squirrels get trapped in the attic and die or gnaw their way into your living space and create havoc.

The squirrel removal professional may leave the one-way exits in place for several days and then remove them and plug the hole when there are no more signs of squirrel activity in your attic.

Seal Entry Holes

The final step in squirrel removal is to make sure the pests can't get back inside your attic. The animal control professional does this by sealing all entry holes so the squirrels can't get inside unless they gnaw all new holes. One thing you can do to keep squirrels from gnawing new holes is to stop feeding them in your yard. If squirrels need to go elsewhere for food, they won't hang around your yard all the time.

Also, be sure to trim back trees so squirrels can't jump on your roof from a low-hanging branch. Don't make it easy for squirrels to get on your roof or they might eventually get back inside your attic when they find a new place to gnaw through.

For more information, reach out to a squirrel removal service near you.