Bed Bug Control Tips You Should Know

Bed bugs can give you and your family sleepless nights. And as you know, bed bugs attack at night. They'll bite and suck blood from both humans and animals. Unfortunately, these parasites are very good at hiding. So, it's hard to kill them with your bare hands. You'll have to use either of these bed bug control strategies.

Vacuuming Thoroughly

Did you know you can use a HEPA filter vacuum to control bed bugs? Well, sometimes bed bugs will crowd in an easy-to-clean area. That's an added advantage because you can use a vacuum cleaner with strong suction to get rid of them. You only have to work fast enough before they escape or hide in awkward places. 

The good thing about using a vacuum cleaner is that it will suck out the bed bugs and their eggs. However, one must be careful when disposing of the vacuum cleaner bags as they contain live bed bugs and ready-to-hatch eggs.


If you spot bed bugs on your garments, bed sheets, curtains, and blankets, don't hesitate to call a professional. As you wait for a bed bug exterminator, you can clean your laundry to prevent the infestation from spreading. It is recommended to wash the bedding and garments in hot water to kill the bed bugs. However, it's good to read the labels on the garments to confirm if you can clean them in hot water. Once you wash the garments, hang them outside to dry. The sun's heat can also help kill bed bugs.

Heat Treatment

Nothing kills bed bugs faster than heat. So, if you have got a bed bug issue at your home, you might want to try heat treatment. Some people will prefer to pour hot water on their wooden bed frames. You can also soak bedding and clothes in hot water for some time. 

However, thermal treatment is best done by professionals. These guys will use special heaters and air circulators to kill live bed bugs and their unhatched eggs. By leaving this job to the pros, you'll be assured that the infestation has been dealt with permanently.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment is also an excellent alternative to heat treatment. You can buy bed bug aerosol spray from the store and apply it in the affected areas. However, one must be careful with insecticides since some contain toxic fumes. 

In fact, experts advise against the use of chemical insecticides due to their toxic chemicals. So, instead of using these chemicals, call a bed bug exterminator to deal with the bugs in the best way possible. Reach out to a company like No Bull Bed Bug Control to learn more.